Window Tinting 101: Questions to Know Before You Go with a Company

Window Tinting 101: Questions to Know Before You Go with a Company

Every year thousands of people will rush to the phones and call into companies that offer window tinting services. After a few calls a customer will decide on a company, drop their car off, and go on with their lives. What they don’t realize is they may have just put a sub- par material on their car that may need replacement in a few years or maybe the film is not protecting them as much as they would like. To avoid mistakes like these, here are just a few questions to ask:

1. What Type of Warranty is Offered:

I think this is the most important topic that many of our customers do not even bother asking. Every company that produces a window film will offer a warranty. This is known as a manufacturers warranty. This will insure that the company will cover any defects with the actual film. The second type of warranty is known as an installers warranty. This is given by the technician who is actually installing this film. This would cover any problems that accompany the installation. There are a variety of different films that correlate these warranties with quality. A smart consumer will always go with a premium film that offers a lifetime warranty

2. What Type of Quality is the Film:

One reason many people decided to get their windows tinted is strictly for the look it gives to their ride. Some vehicles have a glossy, factory like tint, while others have a showroom feel. However, some films will begin to turn a purplish color after fading. A way to avoid this nightmare is to know exactly what you are putting on the car.

What determines this the material that the film is composed of. The basic films are usually a polyester dye-infused film, which looks similar to an after market instal. On the other end is the carbon/ ceramic films, that give vehicles a showroom look. Make sure you look into the benefits of each material before agreeing to place it on your car.

3. What Heat Protection Can I Expect:

This is the best reason to get your windows tinted if you have a family or live in a very warm climate. The standard/ basic films will begin to offer protection at 20%, while the premium/ high end films can offer up to 80%! It’s important to look up what type of protecting your getting before committing.

These are three simple, yet important questions you should ask before having windows tinted. Give us a call today at Cali Tinting to see how we can meet your needs.

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