Window Tinting and Sun Protection

Window Tinting and Sun Protection

Did you know most window tinting films block over 97% of Ultraviolet rays? These harmful “UV” rays are believed to be the primary cause of skin cancer in most people who contract the illness. Estimates suggest that over half a million people contract skin cancer every year in the United States alone. Some projections even suggest that new cases of melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer, have increased by over 80 percent in the last twenty years. A protective tinting film in on your car, home or office windows can lower your risk of getting this type of cancer drastically. For people who suffer from existing skin conditions, it is not a luxury but a must. Many dermatologists instruct their patients to go get their car, office and/or home windows tinted to alleviate sun damage and its harmful (even life threatening) side effects.

Reduce Your Risk At Work

If you work by the window in a sunny atmosphere, you may want to inquire about window tinting today before you allow yourself to be put at risk any longer. Window tinting is an affordable, easy solution to your sunlight exposure problems. Many employers will install this type of film on their office windows at the request of their employees for safety, productivity and energy reasons. Not only can commercial window tinting reduce health risks for workers, but it can prevent the hot sun from slowing them down and slash energy costs by eliminating much of the need for air conditioning (in addition to screening all those UV rays, window film will block an enormous amount of heat during warmer months). So, ask your employer if window tinting may be a good idea for your workplace, or call Cali Tinting to get a free estimate over the phone.

Be More Careful In The Car

Automotive window tinting is super inexpensive and usually takes between 1 and 3 hours. Best of all, Cali Tinting will come to you and provide on-site mobile service at your home or office (anywhere the vehicle will be stationary for a few hours). If you spend a lot of time in your car commuting or taking long road trips, you are exposing yourself to an enormous amount of harmful ultraviolet light. Why take the chance when a simple solution is one call away?

Keep Harm Away From Home

People who hang out around the house a lot often call us to tint the windows on their home. This type of residential window tinting is exactly the same as our commercial tinting service. The same potentially dangerous solar light that beats down on you during your workday or trips in the car can get to your skin while you are sitting on the couch. If your bedroom faces a sunny side of the house in the morning, imagine how much UV light is hitting your body while you sleep! Don’t delay, request a free quote for your home windows now.

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