Maintain Your Property Value With Home Window Tinting

Maintain Your Property Value With Home Window Tinting

There are many benefits to tinting the windows of your home, but did you know it can actually increase and protect your property’s value? This is something that many homeowners would never consider, so prepare to have your eyes opened.

Firstly, a high quality installation of tinting film on your home windows will make the atmosphere more pleasant and lower energy costs by keeping the inside of your house cool. This up front benefit could help entice future buyers and make your home more marketable. As energy costs continue to rise, this will only become more of a selling point.

Protect the Homes Interior with Window Tinting

Even more impactful is the reservation of your house’s interior. The sun beats down and fades away fresh paint and hardwood flooring especially in areas that receive a lot of natural light. Do not underestimate the sun’s power, especially when you consider how those UV Rays come down daily and add up to serious damage over time.

Creating an imbalanced look between the paint on the wall near you window versus the farther back wall area skews the aesthetic appearance of the room and causes a large issue. Repainting rooms can be very costly and cause you discomfort and displeasure for days on end. A simple, comparatively inexpensive tint can prevent this from ever being needed.

The same concept applies to flooring. Homeowners spend thousands on hardwood finished floors, only to see the sun ruin their precious wood. Redoing a kitchen floor (or any room for that matter) is a super expensive and painful process. So, why not prevent the sunspots? The price for adding tint to your home windows will vary a little bit based on which kind of film you want, how many windows you have and how large/intricate they are – however, the price will be insignificant compared to that of new flooring. Call Cali Tinting today to speak with a sales representative and get a free estimate on window tinting for your home!

Darken Your Windows To Brighten Up Your Business

Commercial TintingCommercial Window tinting is a huge part of our operation here at Cali Tinting. This application is becoming very trendy among San Diego and California business owners. No matter whether your biz is big or small, tinted windows can reduce energy costs dramatically, improve employee moral and make you company more attractive to customers.

Cutting Costs

The sun and heat are a force to be reckoned with here in DFW especially during those steemy summer months. Commercial films can block up to 60-80% of the heat that is transmitted through regular unfiltered windows. Imagine how much of an impact that can have on your energy bills when you don’t need to blast the air conditionign all day in order to maintain a manageble work environment. If you have a larger office this is even more important since cooling off a big space can be qute expensive.

Boost Moral

Solar glare and heat make the atmosphere for your employees a poor one to work in. It’s a natural fact that shaded, cooler areas are more comfortable to operate inside especially during summertime. A happy employee is a productive one.

Attract customers

This is especially effective in high traffic businesses such as restaurants. Ever try to enjoy lunch at a window seat only to have the sun blaring into your eyes and heating up your whole body? It’s not a pleasant experience. You want your patrons to have the most positive memories possible to keep them comin back for more. A simple tinting film applied to you window could attract and keep people coming back inside your walls.

Cali Tinting is the leading provider of auto window tinting, commercial window tinting, and residential tinting in Southern California. Our team of high-quality window tinting specialists has been serving the residents of Southern California for several years. We emphasize high-quality work, competitive pricing, and timely completion of all projects. To learn more about our services and offerings please contact us or call us directly at (619) 632-4755 to request a free estimate.

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