April Brings Surfing Season and Tinting Season!

April Brings Surfing Season and Tinting Season!

Every Spring thousands of Californians begin to gear up for a summer of fun. Whether its hitting the beach with friends, riding out for the next swell, going to lakes, you are doing everything in your power to enjoy the sun and stay cool. After you enjoy your time outdoors, it’s time to post up in your home. And if you live in the Southern California area that means turning your A/C up to escape the heat. This means keeping your family cool, but raising your energy hosts.

Window Tint Will Greatly Reduce Your Energy Bill

Window tint will reduce your energy costs every bill, and you will save hundreds every month, thousands every year. Here are 7 more reasons to have your windows tinted:

  • Reduce the glare from windows

  • 99% reduction of UV rays

  • Reduce direct sunlight heat by 75%

  • Adds an aesthetic look to your home

  • Protects fading to  upholstery

  • Protect your family from health issues related to sunlight

  • Acts as an adhesive to strengthen to your window from damage

Enjoy the summer to the fullest extent. You should never half to worrying about paying bills when planning a summer vacation. Take the money you save from your energy bills and put it towards making summer 13’ the best summer yet!

Cali Tinting is the leading provider of auto window tinting, commercial window tinting, and residential tinting in Southern California. Our team of high-quality window tinting specialists has been serving the residents of Southern California for several years. We emphasize high-quality work, competitive pricing, and timely completion of all projects. To learn more about our services and offerings please contact us or call us directly at (619) 632-4755 to request a free estimate.

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